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Many of Georgetown University’s Summer Programs for High School Students offerings are open to commuter students. This includes the college credit courses and most of the Academies.

Commuting to Georgetown

Please note that you must arrive on campus in time for your program(s) or course(s), as all programming will start at the scheduled time. If you miss too much course time, you may be subject to dismissal from the program.If you choose to commute to campus, you’ll be required to submit a Commuter Form, which will provide a space for you to indicate where you will be staying while attending the program and to identify your preferred local contact. It will also include additional information on the policies that govern the participation of commuter students. You will receive the Commuter Form as part of the Campus Life Forms packet once they are available.

In order to preserve the quality of the experience for our commuter students, the office will review Commuter Forms and may deny a request to commute to any program if the local address is not within a reasonable commuting distance. This is defined as being able to travel to or from campus in 45 minutes or less at any time throughout the day, including rush hour. These decisions are final and cannot be appealed. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to participate as a commuter student, please contact our office at or (202) 687-7087, and we will be happy to advise you.

The Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) is a free shuttle bus. The GUTS buses run on five routes, connecting the campus with Metro stations at Rosslyn (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines) and Dupont Circle (Red Line), the Georgetown University Law Center, the U.S. House of Representatives, University offices on Wisconsin Avenue, and assorted stops in Arlington, Virginia.

You are also allowed to drive to campus. However, please be aware that parking is extremely limited. For parking information, please contact the Office of Transportation Management.

Student Life

As a commuter student, you’ll have the same access and privileges to all University resources as any other student. In addition, you will be assigned a Resident Counselor for safety and supervision while on campus. We encourage you to participate in the full range of summer events, which may take place in the evening as well as during the weekend. Please visit our Student Life page for additional information on the types of activities available.

Dining Options

Commuter students have the option of signing up for a Georgetown meal plan. You must self-enroll into the meal plan of your choice. Several options are available.

Leo O'Donovan Hall offers students a variety of buffet-style meal options. If you have meal-related concerns, please contact University Dining directly. Please note that meal plans may only be used at Leo O'Donovan Hall. Please click here for other on-campus eating locations that accept cash, credit cards, and GOCards.

To purchase a meal plan, please visit the dining website. For questions related to meal plan options and payment, please call University Dining at (202) 687-7555. All meal plan cancellations must be submitted in writing to Eugene Romero at by the Wednesday prior to start of your course or program.

Registering for Commuter Courses (College Credit Courses)

As a student in the college credit courses, you’ll indicate on your application whether or not you’ll be requesting on-campus housing. All credit courses are open to commuter students, so please follow the instructions found on the How to Register page.

If you need to change or review your housing status, please email us at

Registering for Commuter Courses (Noncredit Courses)

If you are a student in the Academies, you will need to select the commuter section when registering for your chosen program. The following list provides the section numbers for each program’s commuter sections:

  • American Politics Academy XSPP-112 - Commuter Section 02
  • Business Academy Business & Leadership XSPP-121 - Commuter Section 02
  • Business Academy Global Business XSPP-121 - Commuter Section 04
  • Community Impact & Leadership Academy XSPP-125 - Commuter Section 02
  • Creative Writing Academy XSPP-105 - Commuter Section 02
  • Economics Policy Academy XSPP-122 - Commuter Section 02
  • Entrepreneurship Academy XSPP-106 - Commuter Section 02
  • Experiences in Biotechnology Academy XSPP-132 - Commuter Section 02
  • Foreign Policy Academy XSPP-123 - Commuter Section 02
  • Forensic Science Academy XSPP-102 - Commuter Section 02
  • International Relations Academy I XSPP-003 - Commuter Section 02
  • International Relations Academy II XSPP-003 - Commuter Section 04
  • Introduction to Data Science Academy XSPP-124 - Commuter Section 02
  • Law Academy I XSPP-113 - Commuter Section 02
  • Law Academy II XSPP-113 - Commuter Section 04
  • Leaders in Advocacy Academy XSPP-075 - Commuter Section 02
  • 3-Week Medical Academy Anatomy & Physiology XSPP-120 - Commuter Section 02
  • 3-Week Medical Academy Psychiatry & Neuroscience XSPP-120 - Commuter Section 04
  • 3-Week Medical Academy Emergency Medicine XSPP-120 - Commuter Section 06
  • National Security and Intelligence Academy XSPP-072 - Commuter Section 02
  • Nursing Academy XSPP-131 - Commuter Section 02
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Gender Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 02
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy LGBT Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 04
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Racial Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 06
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Labor Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 08
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Environmental Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 10
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Disability Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 12
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Justice for Religious Minorities XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 14
  • Social Justice & Public Policy Academy Immigrant Justice XSPP-130 - Commuter Section 16
  • Sports Industry Management Academy XSPP-076 - Commuter Section 02
  • U.S. Campaigns & Elections Academy XSPP-128 - Commuter Section 02
  • Washington & the World Academy XSPP-129 - Commuter Section 02

Contact for more information about the respective course sections.

For step-by-step instructions on registering for a course, please refer to the Academies Registration page.

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