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       The Emergency Medicine track for residential students has reached capacity and is now waitlisting for summer 2019. The Anatomy & Physiology track and Psychiatry & Neuroscience tracks are still accepting applications.

In Georgetown's 3-Week Medical Academy, you'll get a snapshot of a first-year medical school curriculum while learning from Georgetown University School of Medicine faculty and medical students. Throughout the program, you’ll investigate contemporary medical challenges facing society today, discuss the latest advances affecting the applied science of medicine, and interact with experts from the field to learn how to pursue a career in medicine. You’ll register for one of three distinct tracks: Anatomy & Physiology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience, or Emergency Medicine. In each track, you’ll delve into your chosen area of study, gaining a deeper understanding of the topic through classroom learning as well as hands-on projects, simulations, case studies, and lab work.

Estimated Tuition:


Includes tuition, housing, and 19 meals per week


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How You'll Benefit

  • Connect with thought leaders and practitioners in the field of medicine
  • Take classes at the Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Practice modern medical techniques
  • Hear guest lectures from experts within the D.C. medical community
  • Connect with Georgetown University School of Medicine faculty, staff, and medical students
  • Create a research-based poster tied to a theme from the program

Program Format & Subject Areas

As a student in the 3-Week Medical Academy, you'll spend your time engaged in a combination of class sessions, field trips, hands-on workshops, group discussions, and extracurricular activities. You'll register for one of three tracks: Anatomy & Physiology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience, or Emergency Medicine.

Anatomy & Physiology
In the Anatomy & Physiology track, you'll explore topics ranging from pathology and anatomy to immunity, cardiology, and endocrinology. Over the course of the program, you'll have opportunities to gain hands-on practice through lab and field work, including human cadaveric dissections, patient case studies and simulations, and blood pressure testing. You'll leave the program with a deeper understanding of the world of medicine, as well as the tools that prepare you to pursue medical school.

Psychiatry & Neuroscience
In the Psychiatry & Neuroscience track, you’ll be introduced to the anatomical and functional aspects of the human brain, as well as how medications and psychotherapy affect cells and connections in the brain. You’ll review a broad range of contemporary topics in psychiatry and neuroscience while exploring the various career paths within each area. By the end of the program, you’ll have a better understanding of the research and applications of the intersection of psychiatry and neuroscience, the human brain, and brain health awareness.

Emergency Medicine
In the Emergency Medicine track, you’ll learn basic medical techniques through a blend of classroom learning and hands-on practice. You’ll participate in simulations, where you’ll be challenged to conduct rapid assessments of and treatments for a wide range of undiagnosed patients exhibiting various symptoms. Throughout the program, you’ll explore fundamentals such as the steps in physical examinations, positioning and extracting, wound care, control of bleeding, stitches and suturing, control of bleeding, airway management, CPR, oxygen administration, medication administration, usage of stents, and splinting. You’ll leave the program with a broader understanding of the inner workings of the pre-hospital emergency medical services system, patient triage, and the basics of lifesaving skills.

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